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EPF Test perfect Score

This is my guide on how to earn a perfect score on the EPF Test at the Everday Phoning Facility.

The first thing you have to do is throw a snowball at the target. Simply just throw a snowball at the center of the target.

Next it will test your speed. Walk to the green square. You will have to run from there to the red square.

Click on the red square as soon as the door drops, and you’ll do fine. Next it will see if you can hide. The cameras will turn off and it will give you 20 seconds to hide. Hide behind the back column on the left. Then throw a snowball at the camera on the wall.

It won’t be able to find you! Now it will see how clever you are by preparing a cage trap. Throw a snowball at the glowing box on the wall when you see the sign that says “Preparing Cage Trap”

It will take out the trap and if you did all of this correctly, you will get a perfect score!


I hope this was useful and if i made any mistakes that i need to change, leave a comment and let me know! Thanks!

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