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2nd Year Anniversary

November 12, 2010

Today marks the 2nd year I’ve had Pen234guin’s Clubpenguin Cheats! Thank you for visiting my site and thank you to everyone whos ever helped me, left a comment, or even chatted with me on clubpenguin. I really want to thank Rockwithsaya (Retired from CP Cheat bsiness & CP) and Rivet (Retired from CP)! They have both helped me a lot and I will never forget them. Thanks everyone!



Card Jitsu Water

November 10, 2010
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If you go into the ninja hideout, you will see that the water symbol is covered with water!

And the new list of igloo music has card jitsu related songs:

I wonder when Card-Jitsu water will be released!? What do you think it will be like?



November 10, 2010

If you log on to CLubpenguin now, its raining! This is the 1st time its ever happened!

Isnt this awesome!?


New Field-Op

November 9, 2010

Head to the HQ and recieve your mission.

Then head down to the hidden lake.

Solve the puzzle and recieve your medal! And if your a member, you can check out the new, Comm, class!


New Pin

November 5, 2010

You can get the Water tap pin by going to the beach and it’ll be found on the right!


Cloudy Skies Still Here

November 4, 2010

The storm is sticking around CP and Gary told us it is acting weird…………..

He goes on to mention about how it has never rained before, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a possiblity! CP also came out with a clothing catalog full of rain gear. They also added this header on the login page:

Another clue leading to Card-Jitsu Water!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!