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Card-Jitsu Water Guide

Card-Jitsu Water was introduced November 25, 2010 and is for member ninjas. To get to the Water Dojo, click on the water stone on the right of the store in the Ninja Hideout.

Click on it, and the Water Dojo entrance will appear.

Once your in the Water Dojo, click on Sesnsei and recieve your water deck. Once you have that, you can earn your water suit!

Heres how to play:

Race to the Gong!

Be powerful like a storm. Play your card on opposite elements.

Be fast like a river. Jump ahead.

Be reflective. Like a still pond. It is important to know how to win.

You need patience, practice, power. Tips and Hints help too:

Now that you know how to play, challenge other penguins and earn your Water Suit!

Here are all the parts of the Water Suit:

The full suit looks like this:

Now earn your full suit, then Challenge Sensei, win, and you’ll recieve the gem and title of Water ninja!

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