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Card-Jitsu Fire

Card-Jitsu Fire is a continuation of Card-Jitsu and is for member ninjas.

To start playing, you must buy an amulet from the Martial Arts Catalog.

After you have the amulet, its time to go to the Fire Dojo. Stand on the Fire Symbol on the floor while wearing your amulet.

Then, a Fiery Stone should appear near the entrance of the hideout.

Click on it and a door should pop up on the left side of it.

Enter into the door and you’ll be in the Fire Dojo!

Now, to play the game talk to sensei and select “Earn my Fire Suit”

If its your turn, then you’ll select a rock in the center and it will have a number on it.

This number determines which spot you can choose around the fire circle. If you got 1, for example, then you can only move to spots 1 space away from where you already are. The element on the spot you choose is the element being played. So pick the element that you have the cards for!

  • If multiple penguins land on the same spot, then it automatically goes into a regular Card-Jitsu match with them. The winner earns an extra “Energy” (Loser still loses 1 energy) which are the points that determine the score of the game.
  • If your Energy gets down to 0 then you lose the game.
  • If you choose the spot with all of the element symbols on it, then it will let you pick which element to use.
  • If you don’t have the element being played, then you can pick any of your cards to use. You’ll lose that match though.
  • If your cards are the same, its a draw. (Just like in regular Card-Jitsu)

As you progress, you’ll earn parts of the Fire Ninja Suit.

To check your progress on the fire suit, click on the card on the lower right- hand corner of your screen. You can also view the cards you have here and add more from the codes found on the code card in each pack.

Once you have the Fiery Helmet, challenge Sensei.

Play against him and if you win (It may take a few tries) he will make you a fire ninja!

You’ll recieve the gem and title of Fire Ninja!

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