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Ninjas used to be a rumor, while ninja shadows lurked around CP.  But during the Halloween party of 2008, a storm shook the dojo. Ninja shadows then appeared, and a few days after I started this site, Ninjas became a reality. Ever since then, penguins have had the chance to become a ninja, and Clubpenguin has even released two other versions, Card-Jitsu Fire & Card-Jitsu Water, and will hopefully release a Card-Jitsu Snow soon!

This is my guide to becoming a ninja in the game of Card-Jitsu. Below this, there is a link to the Card-Jitsu Fire & Water guide. Enjoy!

To start playing, talk to Sensei, located in the Dojo.

How To Play:

Here are the instructions Sensei gives you…..


Snow beats water: Water beats Fire: fire beats Snow….


And if 2 cards have the same element, you go with the higher number. If they are the same element and number, they cancel each other out, and those cards were a draw.


There are 2 ways to win the game. The first way is to have 3 cards of the same type, in different colors. The second way to have one of each card type, in different colors.

Once you get the rules down, its time to play.

Then work your way up through all the belts!

Once you get your black belt, challenge Sensei, and once you defeat him (It’ll probably take a few tries) you’ll become a Ninja!!

Below is a video of me beating Sensei.

Your now granted access to the ninja hideout and the Martial Arts Catalog!

I did manage to find a Golden Code Card in one of the packs of Card-Jitsu cards from stores! This is a screen shot from when I entered it online.

It gives you some really cool cards in-game, and if your not a ninja already you level up to the next belt! Good luck if your looking for it!

For my Card-jitsu Water guide click HERE!

For my Card-Jitsu Fire guide click HERE!

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