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1 Whole year of Clubpenguin Cheats!

November 12, 2009

 Pen234guin’s Clubpenguin cheats began November 12, 2008 and today is the 1st anniversary of pen234guin’s clubpenguin cheats. Since I started this site, CP has launched toys, Opened new rooms, made us into ninjas, has had lots of parties, and tons of cool things were always happening! I hope I’ve helped many penguins! I thought it would be cool to show you my first post I made on here. Here it is!

Welcome to my site! I hope you’ll enjoy this site and refer to it often. I am great with finding out secrets, and cheats, and will post the most updated and recent news. My penguin’s name is Pen234guin.  You are most likely to find me in servers, Husky, Aurora, Avalanche, or Fjord. (Remember- you’ll have to say you visited my site for me to add you! Thanks.) I have met Rockhopper, Gary the Gadget Guy, and the Penguin Band.  Feel free to send me questions at:  Thanks for visiting!!


I’ve also met Aunt arctic, Cadence, and Sensei, which is a lot of famous penguins total. I thank everyone a lot and a lot for visiting my site and helping me form the one I have today. I’ll be happy to keep on bringing cheats to you all! And again, Thank you all!!

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